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Welcome to my blog! I'm Juliana, a twenty-something Portuguese girl with a huge passion for fashion. Hope you can find some inspiration here!

Who I Am

Who I Am

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my blog!!

I’m Juliana, a twenty-something portuguese girl with a huge passion for fashion.
I’ve always loved to put ensembles together and play with different colors, textures and style. It really is a way of expressing myself, to work on my creativity and my aesthetic vision.
In addition to this, I also love photography. I don't consider myself a model, but I love how iconic and timeless a photo can be.

I’ve been thinking about this project since I finished university. Now I felt like it was the time to have my own little space in this huge digital world and share my ideas with the online community.

For my first blog post, I thought about putting together some of the photos I’ve been taking in the past few years. They're not exactly about outfits but I thought it would be interesting for you guys to see:


I really hope you like this project, I’m doing it with all my heart. If you do, keep up with so I can share with you what inspires me the most and, hopefully, it can inspire you too.

With all my love,



Autumn Meets Winter

Autumn Meets Winter